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August 23, 2020

At this point, there is no doubt that ACREA’s Fall Luncheon must be canceled (not postponed). It just isn’t time yet for us to get together and visit as a group.  Hopefully, the Spring 2021 event can happen in 2021! Keep enjoying the seasons!

April 25, 2020   ACREA needs your help!!! Bottomline – without new volunteers, the organization will fail.

Arlington County Retired Employee Association (ACREA) began in 1973 as an organization for retirees to socialize, to keep in touch with what’s going on with Arlington County, and to work with County management to ensure a healthy retirement for the County workforce. Our organization offers many benefits:

  • The twice yearly ACREA luncheons are a treat for many of us.
  • An updated version of the ACREA Newsletter helps us stay in touch as well as provides news that’s important and interesting to retirees.
  • ACREA has worked on advocacy issues affecting retirees including the successful effort to give retirees access to parks and recreation activities and classes at County residents’ rate.
  • ACREA holds a seat (and alternate seat) on the County’s Retirement Board to support and ensure the health of our pension fund.
  • ACREA has a Facebook page and a website, com
  • ACREA maintains a list of active members and continues to recruit new members.

ALL of this happens because of the hard work of ACREA’s volunteer Board with the assistance of the members who consistently step up to help with specific tasks, such as registration for luncheons or creating an appealing format for the newsletter.

HOWEVER, most of the Board members have been serving ACREA for a number of years. They are committed to finishing out 2020, but then plan to step aside.

As we approach 2021, we do NOT have volunteers to fill the tasks above, including the Chair, the Vice Chair, Treasurer, and other leadership positions. We have asked for volunteers in newsletters and at luncheons, no one has come forward.

Please let of know if you are willing to help ACREA continue its work. As you can tell, without people to replace the current Board and to handle the current activities, they can not continue in the future. Please email us at acreainc@gmail.com.

Stay healthy and follow all Public Health recommendations.

2020 Spring Luncheon Canceled

The ACREA Board is following the COVID-19 Coronavirus closures and community health advisories very closely.  At this point, there is no doubt that our May 5 Spring Luncheon must be canceled (not postponed). We all hope to see you at our Fall Luncheon tentatively scheduled for Tuesday October 6, 2020.  Have a happy and healthy spring!

FYI – The ACREA 2019 Fall Newsletter can be found by clicking the Newsletters tab above. The newsletter team did a great job!  Helpful hint: when you get there, click where is says “View Full screen” to see it better!

You can also see photos from the Luncheon on October 1, 2019 at the Little Falls Presbyterian Church in Arlington.  Good attendance and good food!  Click this link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/110032385706827/

Our next Luncheon is tentatively scheduled for October 6, 2020.



Welcome to the ACREA website. The website is to inform you about the Association, provide an update on what is going on in Arlington County, and actions taken by the County Board that may affect ACREA.The website has several pages:

  • The “NEWSLETTERS” page.  This page includes the most recently issued newsletters by ACREA.
  • The “MEMBERSHIP” page includes the online membership application.  New members would be able to download the Application Form, print it out, and send it directly to ACREA or fill-out the form and email it online.
  • The “OTHER LINKS,” page includes links to other HR’s websites.

At the end of each page, you’ll find a form that you can use to communicate with ACREA, please feel free to ask questions, suggest changes/additions to our website, propose new ideas of what should ACREA be doing for you and our community.

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